Adding a variable product

Creating a New Product

Seller Dashboard > Products > Add New Product

Enabling Variations

During the creation of a new product in the flat style edit, you will find a checkbox titled “Product Type.” Tick this and you will get the options for creating variations.

variable1 variable2

Creating Variations

As now you have ticked and enabled the variations fields, you can now add a genre of variation and the variety of that genre from here. Click on “Attributes” now.


add variable 1

For this case, lets imagine I want to add a wallpaper that has three colors and three sizes. So, I will add Color and Size as two options of my original product and the color and size variants as option values. You can add more combinations if your product requires it. Now tick “Add Category….” to actually create the products as a variation to your original product with the attributes you have just entered. The system will automatically create every possible combinations of the variations. It will look like this:

Great!. Now you can SAVE Attributes the product if you have nothing else to edit now or move on to Variations which is the next option in flat view.


I assume we hit save from the bottom of the page. This will save the products and allow us to individually edit and add attributes to the varied products.

Editing Variations

So now we will have an extra “Edit” button beside the products. Click it.


If we click the edit button, we will get a modal like this. From here various individualized settings can be configured. You can add the variant image so that when a customer sees this variation, he/she sees it right. You can add discount and schedule it. You can enable or disable a single variety of the parent product. You can specify dimensions and weight of the product. Create shipping class. Enable as a downloadable product etc. Take hint from [?] marks for each field if in confusion.


add variable 4When done, hit Add Variation and then save the entire product at the end of the Flat style Update product page. It is important to save the entire product to confirm all the changes and Always look over View Product →

viewporduct product-veiw