Creating products

Initial Product Add Screen

Go to the product page and click add new product button


Editing Product

Seller could edit any of his products after added. Simply he has to go to the product edit option and fill the form with neccessery information.


Product Status

Seller could manage product status after added. He could make product status online or draft. customer will see only the online product.

product-status  product-status2

Product Discount

If seller wants to add discount to any of his products for a limited period or for all time then just check Discounted Price box and neccessery discount fields will be visible. Then seller could mention discount price, discount start and end date.

enable-dicounted-price1 discounted-price2

Downloadable Product

Seller could add downloadable products. He has to add file name, file URL by choose the file. He could also make a limit to download and expire time in day.

If you are selling photos, music, software or any digital product, then this is the option to use. If you click on the Add File button, three more fields will be added.

The name field defines what the downloaded file name should be. We are letting you to define that because you might name the original file to something like “” and you want the user to download the file as “New Album”. So this option will be useful for you to serve and organize better.

If you are serving the files from your very own site, then you can click on choose file and select. But you can also serve the file from Dropbox, Google Drive or some other file hosting site you like.


Inventory Management

Seller could add inventory information such as SKU, Stock, Stock Quantity, Back-Order etc with any product.

What is SKU?

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. It should be an unique set of characters which will not match to any other product.


Enable Product Stock Management

Let’s say you have 10 pieces of the product and you don’t want to receive after orders are placed for 10 units. If you enable stock management and enter 10 in the quantity field, then after 10 units are ordered, this product will show a message that all the quantities are sold and there is no stock.

But, you might want to take some pre-orders before your next batch comes up. So you can Allow Back Order to let the customers place orders even if the product is out of stock.

Product Attributes

Seller could add Attributes to his product. To add an attribute to a product he has to insert attribute name and mention if it should visible in product option.


Variable Product

If the product has variations then seller could manage it as a variable product. He has to add some attribute of the product and mention the product as a variable product from the right section of product edit page then navigate to Variations tab and add variations products.

variable1 variable2 variable3


In product option section seller could add purchase note, allow review to the product and manage product visibility.