Understanding the dashboard

Profile Progress Bar

From the dashboard – Settings, a seller could have a look to his profile complete process. He/she can easily check his profile complete progress.


Quick Stats

From the dashboard Quick Stats view a seller could have a glance of customer page view number, his total number of sale and his total earn up-to-date.


Order Stats

From Dashboard, Order stats seller could see his total order, and order by status. He could also have a chart of products by status.



Sales Overview

By the sales overview of dashboard, seller could view a graph of total item sell and total order by date.



Product Glance

On the product glance section of the dashboard, the seller could have a glance of his total product number and product number by status. the seller could also have an “add product” button to add new product directly from here.




Seller will be able to see his review which he got from his customer.


If admin sends any announcement to seller then seller will be able to see his announcement from here.